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Gardeners Needs

Pender Pines carries hand and garden tools, hoses, sprinklers, gardening gloves, watering cans, flower and vegetable seeds and many other items that gardeners need from time to time.

Hand Tools:

Corona brand tools are well-known for quality and huge selection. For more than 80 years, Corona has forged a reputation for quality that professional and amateur gardeners can depend on for heavy-duty, durable design.

Atlas Garden Gloves:

Atlas Gardening Gloves are the perfect glove for home gardeners, greens-keepers, professional landscapers and anyone looking for a great general purpose Atlas Fit Glove. Atlas Gardening Gloves feature an extra long cuff, comfortable knit-shell and smooth nitrile coated palm.

Watering Cans:

Pender Pines carries a great selection of watering cans in all shapes, sizes, and colors!

The secret to the success of the Corinthian Bells chimes is the sound. That's truly what makes them so special. Their centrally suspended aluminum tubes and high-density striker produce incredible tones and resonance, unlike traditional chime you may have heard in the past. The tubes produce deep tones, which hum

and continue to make melodies

long after the striker hits the tubes. Even the smallest Corinthian Bells captivates the listener with resonance and superior sound. The chimes are available in Black, Green, Copper Vein, Midnight Blue and Patina Green. All the colors are lovely; it just depends which garden or patio you'd like them hanging in!

Vegetable and Flower Seeds:

We carry a full line of vegetable and flower seeds, for the person who likes to grow their own plants from seed.

Since 1945, Pennington has taken pride in calling ourselves The Grass Seed People. Grass seed is our passion. Some might call it an obsession. We make it our number one priority to help you grow the thick, healthy grass you want by making our seed the very best it can be.

We're proud to say that our seed is the #1 selling in the industry and are determined to keep it that way by staying true to the Pennington way: creating the best products available in bags filled with 100% seed. That’s Honest Green.

We offer Wyatt-Quarles grass seed from 5 pound to 50 pound bags.

Evergreen Bird Baths:

These glass bird bath are a perfect addition to any yard. Use on a stand or place on the ground.

For the young gardener:

Young gardeners will be delighted with real tools they can use! Child-sized and made to last, these tools and accessories feature durable construction and bright, Sunny Patch colors.

Plant Caddies:

We carry a full line of metal and plastic plant caddies.


These are sold metal construction. This is our first year having them. We are sure they will make a

great addition to your yard or garden.

Pond Chemicals:

We carry a full line of pool and fountain chemicals. Many are organic.

Fish Food:

We carry a full line of Tetra Pond fish food for all types of fish.

Seed Starters:

If you like to start your own plants from seed. We have everything you need.

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