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Phone Applications for Gardening

Gardening Apps for Smart Phones:

Botany BuddyBotany Buddy by AVAI VENTURES Inc.

With more than 1,300 (and growing) native and ornamental plant species, you won’t need to buy another plant application. You get free updates, too, so when they add more plants and features (if that’s possible), you get all those goodies for free! Search for plants you know you want to plant and even those you see but can’t identify on your own. Quickly find all you could want to know about any of the 1,300+ plants in the database. Best of all, it doesn’t require an internet connection, so you can search for and keep track of your favorite plants while out on hikes or out in your garden. The large library requires internet connection for installation, so be sure you sync up your gadget before you head out of the house Cost: $9.99

Botanical InterestsBotanical Interests by Netframes

Learn “tips and tricks” for helpful advice for gardening successfully, create a list of your favorite veggies and plan your garden with nearly 300 different “botanical high quality varieties.” Get comprehensive growing and harvesting information on any variety and send questions directly to Botanical Interests, the company behind the application that is a producer of organic vegetable seeds. Cost: $5.99

Pocket GardenPocket Garden by At Media

Calling all vegetable gardeners! This app is ideal for identifying and tips for growing hundreds of types of vegetables in your garden. Quite literally from Artichoke to Zucchini, you can easily scroll through seed types to find the exact varietal you want to learn about and/or grow. In the My Garden section of the application, you can keep track of all the vegetables in your garden, make notes on each varietal and monitor the expected harvest date of your veggies. If you’re weary of this application, try the free version first before shelling out the $0.99 for the ad-free version.

Garden ToDo - Gardening ApplicationGarden ToDo by Building Rainbows Software

Because sometimes a pen and paper just don’t cut it with ToDo lists, this gardening todo application really makes the chore organizing process so much easier. With this app, you can quickly organize gardening tasks by priority, time entered or even customize the order based on your own needs. Assign pics of your garden from your phone for specific tasks for the scroll wheel and cover flow options. When entering new tasks, you can choose options from the scroll wheel or enter tasks manually, making this application great not just for your garden, but also for indoor tasks as well. Cost: $1.99

Flower Garden - Grow Flowers and Send BouquetsFlower Garden by Snappy Touch

Not actually that helpful for gardening, this application is really a game where you plant and grow flowers. As you water your plants, they grow, and you can clip the flowers to create bouquets to send to friends and family via email. It’s a virtual garden in potted plants with real sounds of a garden The $2.99 version comes with up to 20 different types of seed to unlock, you can “grow” a beautiful bouquet arrangement. There is also a lite version for free that come with only three types of seeds.

Jeff HaleGardening by Jeff Hale

For people who really need help with new plants and who seem to always forget, this application keeps a database of plants along with instructions on how to care for them. This application helps with knowing how to plant your seeds or seedlings and average harvest time of each varietal. Cost: $1.99

iPlantiPlant by Lundgren Consulting, LLC

For all those times you wonder if the plant that just brushed across your leg was poison ivy, now there is an application that helps you identify more than 300 different types of plants. This application goes into detail about plants common, scientific (Latin) and alternative names along with descriptions, common usage and value (medicinal vs. food) and any warnings that might be associated with the plants. This reference application would come in handy in the kitchen, on hikes and in the garden, and with more than 150 photos, it’s sure to be a breeze to find the plant you need. Cost: $1.99

iGarden USA - Gardening HelperiGarden USA by NanoSoft, LLC

This is another application to help you plan and track your garden. It gives advice on the best planting dates for each US climate zone based on where your phone is located. You can also learn the best planting practices for each type of plant in your garden. After you’ve got your seeds planted, use the garden tracker to monitor your garden’s process and get ready for the estimated harvest date. Cost: $4.99

Flower Pedia - garden and wild flowers info with wallpapersFlower Pedia by Muli Mobile

Flower Pedia. Like an encyclopedia for flowers. This reference application boasts more than 1,500 photos of flowers, each toting a rating feature, ability to email and save the photos to your phone background and loads in information about each flower. While 1,500 photos is a lot, this app holds information about 100 flower families (with over 500 of their genera, or closely related species) represented. All together, this application shows pictures representing more than 100k species of flowers from all around the world. Impressive, maybe, but their disclaimer explains that if you are a serious botanist, you should be advised that this is not a complete botanical encyclopedia. Rather, this application is geared towards those with a casual affinity for flowers. Good news about this app is that no internet connection is required to access the thousands of flower photos. Take this application with you wherever you go to get information and photos of beautiful flowers from around the globe. Not sure if this is the application for you? Be sure to try out the lite (not free) version available that includes 100 photos and flower info. Cost: $4.99 (or a Flower Pedia Lite - garden and wild flowers wallpaperslite version available for $0.99)

MyGardenMyGarden by Perceptive Designs

Although this application doesn’t have a database of different plant types , you can still keep track of all the plants in your own backyard easily and on a clean interface. Easily input data for your plant in the appropriate fields (like plant name, light requirements, watering needs, bloom time, soil requirements and much more) and keep track of your plant throughout the season Cost: $1.99

Eden Garden Designer

Tulips or petunias? A successful garden is as much about planning as it is about a green thumb, so before you dig in, sketch out your perfect landscape. Snap a photo of where you’d like to plow and then select from a library of plant images to fill out your flower patch. You can filter by climate zone, blooming season, color, sun exposure, height and type. (For iPhone; 99 cents)

Garden Buddy

This landscaper’s assistant helps out with your backyard overhaul by calculating how much mulch, topsoil and sod to use, along with what types of fertilizer to add once you’ve plugged in soil-test results. When your dirt is ready, Garden Buddy lets you know how many plants to sow to cover a specified amount of space, and its database of 47 common vegetables tells you when to plant what, how much to grow to feed your household and how long to wait to harvest. (For iPhone; $1.99)

Garden Insects

Did you know one of the best ways to control nasty aphids is with ladybugs? No need to douse your plants with chemicals when there’s almost always a natural solution. Pinpoint what is bugging your botanicals using this full-color guide of 18 common garden pests and then read about home remedies to get rid of them. (For iPhone; 99 cents)

The Plant Doctor

Finger through this horticultural cheat sheet to find what is afflicting your houseplants. Select from 32 common symptoms and the Plant Doctor will deduce the root of the problem and come up with a game plan to resuscitate your foliage. If your problem is not listed, the app collects user-supplied text and photos and sends them to a professional plant pathologist, who will send back personalized advice. (For iPhone; $1.99)

Vegetable Gardening Guide

For those dabbling in urban gardening, this agricultural tool is rich with information. It has simple step-by-step planting instructions, including how to install drip irrigation, growing-season information and, for the edibles you harvest, nutritional details and recipes. (For iPhone; $2.99)

Miracle-Gro® Garden - Learn to Grow Your Own Bountiful Vegetables, Herbs & Fruits.

It’s hard to believe, but it looks like we’re finally out of the doldrums of winter. For those who live in climates with more distinguishable seasons, April bears witness to the emergence of the warmer sun, longer days, and the promise of summer — all ushering in the start of another gardening season. Those who garden know that timing is everything, and a bountiful crop requires planning and organization. For novice and advanced gardeners alike, there is always something that can be learned about getting the best from the earth. Following are 10 great gardening apps that serve that very purpose, and can help yield juicier tomatoes, more fragrant rosemary, and brighter hydrangeas.

Landscaper’s Companion

Although the cost of this app is high, gardeners of all levels will appreciate the sheer volume of information that is contained in Landscaper’s Companion. This app serves as an encyclopedia of more than 1,400 plants across 16 categories, including perennials, shrubs, annuals, house plants and more. There are also approximately 5,700 photos within the app for visual reference. Cost: $9.99

Fruit Garden

Fruit Garden focuses on the harvesting of 22 different fruits, and includes tips and tricks on soil preparation, planting, and recommended varieties. Note, the harvesting schedule in this app is specific to the UK, but even if you are not in that region, valuable information about growing each fruit can still be gleaned. Cost: $1.99

Bugs and Insects

Speaking of bugs, with a database of more than 900 pests, the Bugs and Insects app is a great resource for gardeners looking to determine the culprits who have been nibbling on their harvests, or just identify frequent visitors. Users can create lists, tag “favorite” bugs, or just flip through the entire database to satisfy a curiosity about entomology. Cost: $0.99

Botany Buddy

Botany Buddy focuses solely on trees and shrubs and contains information on approximately 1,300 species. One hindrance is the lack of an A-Z directory from which to peruse. Instead, users must enter a search term to find the tree or shrub of choice. Despite this, the app provides very detailed information and also enables registered users to share collections with fellow tree and shrub enthusiasts through the Botany Buddy website. Cost: $9.99

Botanical Interests

Botanical Interests is another information-laden app that includes harvesting advice on approximately 287 varieties of vegetables. There are beautiful illustrations to accompany each entry and avid gardeners will appreciate the myriad varieties of vegetables it covers, including 26 different kinds of lettuce, 19 peppers, 20 tomatoes, and 13 types of basil. Cost: $5.99


This is a great app that provides valuable information on 25 different herbs. Within each herb, you can find information on how best to plant it, culinary ideas, and even medicinal uses. In addition, there’s a comprehensive tab outlining basic guidelines on planting an herb garden. Cost: $1.99

Garden Pilot

Garden Pilot combines a directory of more than 14,000 plants with a comprehensive article database. It covers a wide range of topics, including plant diseases, fertilizers and chemicals, organic gardening and eco-friendly ideas. A recent update to the app also shows which plants are available for purchase at local app-participating retailers. A lite version of this app is available for free, but only contains a listing of 150 plants. Cost: $2.99


If you prefer more visual gardening instruction, this app features informative videos on topics such as “Small Gardens, Big Ideas,” “Novice Knockout Gardens,” and “Adding Pizzazz to Your Patio.” The video quality is fantastic, but due to the large amount of space it consumes, please note that the download time is much longer than others. Cost: $5.99

The Plant Doctor

You’ve sowed the seeds, watered per instruction, and eagerly await the fruits of your labor. But wait — is that plant supposed to be yellow? The Plant Doctor is a free app that provides a listing of the ten most common plant ailments. If your plant’s issue isn’t addressed by any of these, a form can be filled out within the app and sent directly to a plant pathologist for an official diagnosis and treatment options — each one costing $1.99. Cost: Free

Garden To Do

Helps your keep track of your actual plants. You input what you're growing, and it'll help you keep track of watering, weeding, adding nutrients, managing perennials, and even mowing the lawn. Keep it updated, add photos, and it'll even make suggestions as to the best times/techniques to harvest

The Vegetable Gardening Guide

Is a $3.00 gem designed especially for edible produce. It "contains everything you need: from a list of tools ... all the way to instructions for canning and preserving your vegetables. It includes growing season information for the U.S., Great Britain, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. It even contains nutritional information for each vegetable, and mouth-watering recipes."

Botanical Interests

Is an app of a different sort, and one of the best-rated in the category. It allows you to consult, send questions, get recommendations, and even order seeds from Botanical Interests, a family-owned business in Broomfield, Colorado. Plus, there's a massive collection of tips and ideas designed specifically for your hardiness zone. I used this guy last summer, and found it worth the price, indeed.


Is a .99 best buy that'll let you know what you can grow year round. "Quickly find out what vegetables you can plant right now, at the tap of a button! Designed for USA and UK beginners, access all the essential information you need on how and when to grow your own delicious vegetables, from start to end." The Timesloves this one, and it seems especially good for iPad owners.

Garden Snob [Free]

Get useful tips, cool tricks and awesome ideas about the the overall garden range of stuff. Know how you can keep your garden green at best and what’s essential for its continuous and healthy growing.

Gardener [Free]

Gardener android app gets you details of plants and their characteristics. You can plan, schedule and update your plantations in a well build layout that would help you keep a good record of how’s your garden growing and what’s next in line. Details can be saved in notes, like: plant’s name, variety, plantation date, days remaining to harvest and other self-filled notes.

Grow Journal [Free]

It’s similar to the Gardener android app but includes additional features in the form of photo saving and icons, for which you need to shell out $2.00. You can save photos of your plants while the app’s got its own icons for each plant. It also shows pics of health stage of the given plant as also the medium. The app currently supports 150 plants while you can add more of your own.

Vegetable Garden Guides [$1.99]

This is yet another handy app for gardening which covers a range of vegetables and herbs — 90 items to be specific. Learn about growing, harvesting and make notes for efficient gardening. The app also lets you mark your favorite items for quick access. Costs $1.99, which seems worthy enough for improved UI and handy explanations.

Seasonal Fruits and Vegetables [Free]

If you’re planning a garden or thinking about planting new fruits and vegetables, this app would give you a quick view of the best fruits/vegetables for the coming seasons. It’s very limited at what it does, but still throws some important info in planning your garden’s collection for upcoming season(s).

"Bonide Best Solutions" APP.

Have problems with annoying pests?

Weeds taking over your lawn and garden? Critters chewing up your home and/or garden? WE HAVE THE SOLUTION! With Gardening/Landscaping being one of the most popular hobbies in America, for millions of people, there is no more relaxing or rewarding way to spend their time. For over 80 years, Bonide Products, Inc. has had the privilege of supplying America's gardeners with what we refer to as our "Best Solutions." These are products designed to help hobbyists with just about any home, lawn or garden pest that may be encountered. We are proud of the fact that our over 300 products represents the most complete line of solutions for your lawn, home and garden problems in the country. With all these products to choose from, it can be difficult to know what to use and when. For this reason, we have created this "Bonide Best Solutions" APP.

Zen Garden

Zen Garden allows you to create your own digital rock garden. Simply drag your finger across the screen to rake the sand. Choose between 3 different rake types, or add some stones to your garden and drag them into place. Double tap a stone to adjust the size and rotation to ensure the perfect fit into your garden. You can perform up to 10 undo actions to ensure you get your garden looking just right. Export your completed garden as a JPG image into your media library.

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