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We have bails of Pine Straw and Wheat Straw. One bail should cover approximately 50 square feet.

Pine Straw  and Wheat Straw

Kambark Mulch:

We offer a large selection of mulch in 2 cubic foot bags. To determine how many bags you will need. Measure your square footage and divide the square footage by 8. Your answer is the approximate number of bags you will need to cover the area with a thickness of 2 to 3 inches deep.

Cypress Hammer Cypress Cedar Hardwood Red Mulch

We carry pallets of different types of stone. Stone may be purchased either by the pallet, 1/2 pallet, or by the piece.

We also carry a selection of Pavers and Edgers.

  Pavers Edgers


We carry Black Kow Topsoil by the bag.

Pro-Mix soil from 8 quart to 2.8 cubic foot bags.


We carry Black Kow and Black Kow Mushroom Compost. These should be used when planting all trees and shrubs to amend the soil and give the tree or shrub a good head start. You should use half a bag with each 3 gallon container. Larger container will require additional product. Ask at check out how many bags you need and we will advise.

We carry Vermiculite in bags up to 4 cubic feet for the organic grower.

For the organic grower you can get Perlite, Orchid Mix, Cactus soil. Also available Nitrate of Soda, Aluminum Sulfate,Hydrated Lime, Peat Moss and African Violet Soil in easy carry bags in our store.

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