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Dune Grass Products

Bitter Panicum:

We offer Bitter Panicum in one gallon containers at $7.99 each. Bitter panicum is recommended for beach dune enhancement and stabilization on coastal beaches and barrier islands. It is an ideal dune plant. The above ground portion of the plant reduces wind velocity allowing sand to drop out of the wind stream and accumulate. The below ground portion of the plant stabilizes and holds the sand in place with an extensive fibrous root and rhizome system.

Dune Grass:

Dune Grass is available as follows. 100 - $10.99 500 - $49.99 1000 - $79.99 They should be planted one foot apart. This hardy grass grows on the dunes just above the beach. By anchoring shifting sand and cutting coastal winds, dune grass creates a place where other plants can grow more easily

Sea Oats:

Sea Oats Plugs are available as follows. 10 - $11.99 50 - $49.99 100 - $89.99 one tray (approx. 200 plugs) - $169.00 They should be planted one foot apart. It is a tall, erect grass whose leaves grow 20-40 cm (8-16 inches) in length, and approximately 0.6 cm (1/4 inch) in width. Leaves are thin and taper into pointed tips.

Dune Plant Fertilizer:

This is a 50 pound bag at $39.99. You should apply one pound per 1000 sq. ft. every month from March to November.

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