Weekly Specials

Item Description Weekly Sale Specials
All 3 Gal Hydrangeas 20% Off

All 3 Gal Hydrangeas are on sale this week for 20% off.  Many cultivars to choose from including Pinky Winky, Limelight, Niko Blue.


Quart Perennials on Sale!

All of our quart Perennials $3.99 each or 12 for $39.99 

Regularly $4.99 each 12 for $49.99

Pennington Bird Feed $9.99

Give your feathered friends a hand by putting out bird food. Pennington’s Wild Bird Feed is on sale this week. 30lb $9.99 reg $12.99

Wild Bird Feed

All Fire Ant Killers 20% off retail

Amdro/Over N Out/Bayer Complete – Fire Ant Killers

Kills for up to 6 months and kills the queen. 

Over ‘n Out! ™ is a revolutionary new fire ant control.
Over ‘n Out!™ requires only one application for the entire season.

Fire ants pick up the active ingredient – undetected – on their bodies, carry it back to the mound, and distribute it to other colony members.

A broadcast treatment of Over ‘n Out!™ will kill the queen, prevent relocation and reinfestation.



Weekly sales specials start on Friday through the following Thursday

We also have Senior Citizen Discounts on non sale items every Tuesday