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Meet Our Gang

Many of the animals here at Pender Pines are rescues or have adopted us.

Milo is our store cat. He has been here almost 10 years. He may greet you when you come into the store!

And Milo now has a friend, Mr. Popo. He is now 3 years old. We found him as a baby under a pallet in the front of our store and he has called Pender Pines Garden Center his home ever since. He loves to follow customers around the store and help them shop. 

Unamused Grey and White Cat with Green Eyes

Our Alpacas! 

Pender Pines April 1, 2015 102


Pender Pines April 1, 2015 120

and Champ

Pender Pines April 1, 2015 187

My name Gandalf. "I am the best mama to my babies!"

Pender Pines April 1, 2015 147

and we are happy!!!!! We like to play on our wooden tree trunks!

Pender Pines April 1, 2015 172


Here are some of the Koi that call our pond home.

We also have several ducks that share the pond with the koi. They like to make nests in the most unusual places at Pender Pines. Stray eggs are even found amongst the mulch in the arboretum!

Ducks in Pond

Fred is a Quaker parrot. He was the first bird to come to Pender Pines and was bought from a breeder. Now he has lots of friends to keep him company.

Pedro is a blue and gold macaw. Wave, and he might wave back. Hear me say "Mama."

He now has a roommate who loves to try to grab his tail, Tinkers


Scarlett and Rhett are emus that live at Pender Pines. They live down by the palm trees where things are a little quieter and they have more room. They also have a new emu friend in their cage named Emufasa. He can be distinguished by his blue neck!


They have some new neighbors too. The grey goat is Donkey and the Brown is Chocolates. Donkey is the father to all the babies in the goat pen. He is most definitely the dominant male of the group.

Goats and Sheep

Someone's smiling! My name is Beavis. "I am Donkey's son, but have my mamma's coat!"

Smiling White Goat

This is a gray cockatiel that came to Pender Pines as a rescue. His name is Lulu and he loves to prance on his colorful perch.

There are two other cockatiels living with him now.



...And Pretty Bird. Listen closely, and you'll hear her say "pretty bird".

Pretty Bird

Barney is a red-lored Amazon. He lives with...



Sassy is a African Gray Parrot. She's quite the smart lady. Listen to her talk like an antique radio!

Coco Puffs

Coco Puffs

Ghost is the newest addition to Pender Pines. "I love my home here at Pender Pines, especially when I receive fresh lettuce and carrots."

Pender Pines Photos Newsletter Photos of Fountains & Fruit Trees 014

Mostly all of our animals including the bunny, alpacas, cats, emus, and most birds are all rescues and it is the desire of Pender Pines to give them a good home here where all can see and enjoy them.

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