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Pender Pines staff has close to 100 years of experience in the plant care field. We are happy to diagnose any plant problem you may have and educate you about the solutions. The best way we can help you is by you bringing in a sample of the problem you are having with your plants, trees, or shrubs. For those really hard to diagnose problems we are happy to refer our customers to NCSU Plant Disease and Insect Clinic. The items listed below represent only a small sample of what’s available here at Pender Pines.

=Organic Product


Fungicides are pesticides that kill or prevent the growth of fungi and their spores. They can be used to control fungi that damage plants, including rusts, mildews and blights. They might also be used to control mold and mildew in other settings.

Copper Fungicide
Infuse Systemic Disease Control
Daconil Fungicide
Fung-oil Multipurpose


Insecticides are pesticides that are formulated to kill, harm, repel or mitigate one or more species of insect. Insecticides work in different ways. Some insecticides disrupt the nervous system, whereas others may damage their exoskeletons, repel them or control them by some other means.

Captain Jack’s Dead Bug Brew
Neem Oil (Fungicide-Miticide-Insecticide)
All Season Spray Oil
Diatomaceous Earth
Eight Insect Control
Malathion Systemic Insect Control
Grub Control


An herbicide is a pesticide used to kill unwanted plants. Selective herbicides kill certain targets while leaving the desired crop relatively unharmed. Some of these act by interfering with the growth of the weed and are often based on plant hormones.

Pulverize (Weed & Grass, Weed Killer, Weed Brush)
Weed Beater/Weed Beater Ultra
Grass Beater
Sedge Ender
Weed Beater Complete
Sucker Punch
Brush Killer BK 32
Poison Ivy Killer
Burn Out
Lawn Weed Killer
Easy Weeder Preventer


Animal repellents are products designed to keep certain animals away from objects, areas, people, plants, or other animals.

Messina Animal Stopper
I Must Garden
Liquid Fence
Repels All
Mole Max
Sweeny Poison Peanuts
Snake Away

For a complete listing of Bonide Products, please visit them at their website below.


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