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From your house plants inside to your prized lawn outside, we offer a wide variety of fertilizing products to cover your many needs.


Fish & Seaweed Fertilizer-

Natural liquid plant nutrient derived from marine species fish and organic seaweed.

Espoma Fertilizers- Complete line of granular and liquid fertilizers that are fortified with Bio-tone beneficial microbes.

Jack's Classic

Jack’s Classic-

Use Jack’s Classic fertilizers to grow and maintain your flowers, fruits and vegetables at home. Feed your plants with the best quality fertilizer to allow for continued plant health over time.


The good old fashioned quick release, perfect standby fertilizer that really is “all-purpose.” We carry it in a 50lb bag.


Bonide 4-Step Program-

Complete line of lawn care formulated specifically for Southern lawns. 4 steps = 4 seasons of care for your lawn!


Fertilizer formulated for Centipede grass.


Helps grass use nutrients found naturally in the soil. The iron helps to give grass a deeper green color.


This high-performing lawn mineral nutrient helps lower soil pH fast for lush, green growth. An excellent choice for our Southeastern North Carolina soil.



A favorite organic nitrogen fertilizer. Non-burning, no need to water in, slow release, and long lasting. Adds organic matter into lawns and flowerbeds. It also works as a great deer repellent!

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