Bird Houses / Feeders and Seed:

We carry Wild Bird Center bird houses, feeders, seeds and suit.

We carry a full line of Wild Bird Center Seeds.

Wild Bird Center seed blends have

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no fillers and use only seed varieties that have been field-tested and proven. Our seed blends are fresh, debris-free and packed with protein. When selecting birdseed, look for premium ingredients preferred by backyard birds, such as sunflower, peanuts, hulled sunflower, safflower, Nyjer and millet for ground feeding birds.


We carry a full line of Wild Bird Center Feeders and Bird Houses.


We carry a full line of Wild Bird Center Suet.


We have Bat Houses.


Installing a backyard bat house is a great way to demonstrate

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Bats are essential for maintaining healthy ecosystems. Most bats eat huge amounts of insects, including farm pests and many of the nasty bugs that harass outdoor gatherings. You’ll also enjoy learning more about bats as you watch them come and go from the home you provided.


Hummingbird Feeders and Food.

Most feeders are made of plastic, glass, and/or ceramics. Since feeders are much too recent a development for hummingbirds to recognize instinctively as food sources, they must learn to use them, which they do from watching other hummers and though their own natural inquisitiveness. If your birds seem to prefer one style feeder over another, it’s probably a simple matter of familiarity. If you change feeders, they may not feed immediately from the new one, but they will adapt; it may help to hang the old feeder, empty, next to the new one. Any feeder can attract hummers, so perhaps the most important design feature to look for is ease of disassembly and cleaning.


Shafer Sunflower seed

Attracts a wide variety of birds all year including finches chickadees and cardinals. Store in a cool dry place. Black Oil Sunflower Seeds


Lyric bird seed.

Premium quality ingredients tend to attract an assortment of birds – worthy of any photographer’s lens. Lyric Supreme offers the very best gourmet ingredients plus an assortment of preferred bird seeds and tree nut pieces. White Proso Millet, Black Oil Sunflower Seed, Cracked Corn, Shelled Peanuts, Striped Sunflower Seed, Safflower Seed, Sunflower Kernels, Tree Nut Pieces, Small Golden Millet, Nyjer Seed, Canary Seed