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Salt Tolerant Plants

Salt Tolerant Plants

Recommendations by the North Carolina Cooperative Extension
*denotes Native / (E) denotes Evergreen / (D) denotes Deciduous


Highly Salt Tolerant

Eastern Red Cedar* (20-30ft x 10-20ft) (E)

Holly, Yaupon* (15-20ft x 10-15ft) (E)

Japanese Black Pine (20-40ft x 15-25ft) (E)

Oak, Live* (60-80ft x 60-80ft) (E)

Oak, Willow* (80-100ft x 40-50ft) (D)

Southern Magnolia* (30-50ft x 30-40ft) (E)

Wax Myrtle* (10-20ft x 10-20ft) (E)

Moderately Salt Tolerant

Cedar, Atlas (40-60ft x 30-40ft) (E)

Cedar, Deodor (50-70ft x 50-70ft) (E)

Crape Myrtle (15-30ft x 10-25ft) (D)

Cypress, Arizona (10-30ft x 8-20ft) (E)

Ginkgo (20-40ft x 20-30ft) (D)

Holly, American* (20-30ft x 15-20ft) (E)

Holly, Foster’s* (20-30ft x 10-15ft) (E)

Holly, Nellie Stevens* (10-20ft x 8-15ft) (E)

Lacebark Elm (40-50ft x 30-40ft) (D)

Magnolia, Little Gem* (20-25ft x 10-15ft) (E

Moderately Salt Tolerant Cont.

Magnolia, Sweet Bay* (20-30ft x 10-20ft) (E)

Oak, Laurel* (40-60ft x 30-40ft) (E)

Oak, Shumard* (40-60ft x 40-60ft) (D)

Oak, Water* (40-50ft x 30-40ft) (D)

River Birch* (35-40ft x 20-30ft) (D)

Snowbell, Japanese (20-30ft x 20-30ft) (D)

Tamarix (10-20ft x 8-12ft) (D)

Viburnum, Odorat. (8-12ft x 6-10ft) (E)

Vitex (Chaste Tree) (10-20ft x 10-15ft) (D)



Highly Salt Tolerant

Agave Americana (5-7ft x 8-12ft) (E)

Eleagnus (10-15ft x 10-15ft) (E)

Holly, Dwarf Yaupon* (3-4ft x 4-5ft) (E)

Indian Hawthorn (8-10ft x 8-10ft) (E)

New Zealand Flax (4-6ft x 4-6ft) (E)

Oleander (6-10ft x 4-8ft) (E)

Pittosporum, Dwarf (2-3ft x 3-5ft) (E)

Pittosporum, Upright (6-8ft x 6-8ft) (E)

Podocarpus Maki (8-20ft x 4-12ft) (E)

Rosemary (3-6ft x 3-6ft) (E)

Rugosa Rose (3-5ft x 4-6ft) (D)

Viburnum Suspensum (4-8ft x 4-8ft) (E)

Yucca* (6-8ft x 4-8ft) (E)

Moderately Salt Tolerant

Aucuba, Dwarf Jap. (3-4ft x 2-3ft) (E)

Aucuba, Japanese (5-8ft x 4-6ft) (E)

Azalea, Gumpo (2-3ft x 3-4ft) (E)

Azalea, Southern Indica (6-8ft x 6-8ft) (E)

Bamboo, Mulitplex (15-20ft x 6-10ft) (E)

Barberry, Wintergreen (6-8ft x 6-8ft) (E)

Bottlebrush (5-6ft x 5-6ft) (E)

Cypress, Italian (20-30ft x 4-8ft) (E)

Daphne (2-3ft x 2-3ft) (E)

Euonymus, Japanese (4-10ft x 3-6ft) (E)

Fatsia (6-8ft x 6-8ft) (E)

Forsythia (6-10ft x 6-10ft) (D)

Guava, Pineapple (6-10ft x 5-8ft) (E)

Moderately Salt Tolerant Cont.

Holly, Carissa (3-4ft x 4-5ft) (E)

Holly, Inkberry* (5-8ft x 5-8ft) (E)

Holly, Needlepoint (8-12ft x 6-10ft) (E)

Holly, Rotunda (3-4ft x 3-5ft) (E)

Hydrangea, Bigleaf (4-6ft x 4-8ft) (D)

Juniper, Chinese (2-12ft x 4-8ft) (E)

Juniper, Hollywood (15-25ft x 8-15ft) (E)

Ligustrum, Japanese (6-12ft x 5-10ft) (E)

Mahonia, Leatherleaf (6-8ft x 3-4ft) (E)

Rose of Sharon (8-12ft x 6-10ft) (E)

Sage, Texas (4-6ft x 4-6ft) (E)

Pyracanthia (6-10ft x 6-8ft) (E)

Yucca, Adam’s Needle* (2-4ft x 2-4ft) (E)


Highly Salt Tolerant

Dwarf Palmetto* (4-6ft x 4-6ft) (E)

Cabbage Palmetto* (10-20ft x 10-15ft) (E)

Saw Palmetto* (3-5ft x 4-8ft) (E)


Moderately Salt Tolerant

European Fan Palm (5-8ft x 5-8ft) (E)

Needle Palm (5-10ft x 5-10ft) (E)

Pindo Palm (10-15ft x 10-15ft) (E)

Sago Palm (4-6ft x 4-6ft) (E)

Windmill Palm (15-18ft x 8-12ft) (E)



Highly Salt Tolerant

Blanket Flower (Gaillardia)* (1-2ft x 1-2ft)

Daylily (1-2ft x 1-3ft)

Lantana (2-4ft x 3-6ft)

Prickly Pear Cactus* (1-2ft x 2-3ft)

Seaside Goldenrod* (4-6ft x 3-4ft)


Moderately Salt Tolerant

Agapanthus (2-4ft x 2ft)

Asparagus Fern (2-3ft x 2-3ft)

Butterfly Weed (2-3ft x 2-3ft)

Candytuft (6”-1ft x 2-3ft)

Crinum Lily (2-4ft x 2-4ft)

Dianthus (6”-1ft x 1-2ft)

Firebush (Hamelia) (3-5ft x 3-4ft)

Hardy Ginger Lily (4-6ft x 3-5ft)

Moderately Salt Tolerant Cont.

Hen and Chicks (6”x 1ft)

Mexican Heather (1ft x 2ft)

Purple Heart (1ft x 2ft)

Red False Aloe (3-4ft x 2-3ft)

Sea Thrift (Armeria) (1ft x 1ft)

Seashore Mallow (4-6ft x 3-4ft)

Society Garlic (1ft x 1ft)

Turk’s Cap (3-4ft x 3-4ft)

Yarrow (2-4ft x 2-3ft)




Highly Salt Tolerant

Bitter Panicum* (3ft x 2ft)

Maiden Grass (4-8ft x 3-6ft)

Muhly Grass* (3ft x 3ft)

Pampas Grass (8ft x 6ft)



Highly Salt Tolerant

Juniper, Blue Pacific (12-18” x 3-5ft)

Liriope, Spreading (12”)

Mondograss (6-10”)

Rosemary, Creeping (12-18” x 3-4ft)

Stonecrop, Golden (4-6”)

Winter Creeper (6”-2ft)


Moderately Salt Tolerant

Chrysanthemum pacificum (12”-18”)

Ivy, Algerian (12”)

Ivy, English (6-12”)



Moderately Salt Tolerant

Carolina Jasmine (10-20ft)

Confederate Jasmine (15ft)

Climbing Fig (30ft)

Honeysuckle, Coral (10-20ft)

Lady Banks Rose (20ft)

Virginia Creeper (30ft)

Perennials that can tolerate a slight amount of salt spray include angel’s trumpets, autumn sage, canna lily, daffodil, hardy hibiscus*, holly fern, hosta, plumbago, purple coneflower*, red hot poker, and ruellia.

Annuals that can tolerate a moderate level of salt spray include allamanda, blue daze (evolvulus,) bougainvillea, coleus, Joseph’s Coat, mandevilla vine, pentas, portulaca, and vinca.

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